Rotary Texas Hold 'em Tournament

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Stay Tuned

2:00 p.m.

Receptions South Erlanger

Campbell Room




  • Boy Scouts of America
  • The POINT/Arc
  • Covington Rotary Youth Exchange Program




$100       3,000 in chips

  $20       2,000 in chips upgrade (purchase at the door)

  $50       Losing your shirt? Before you mortgage the house, consider a Rebuy!*  

              *Rebuy: Purchase1/2 of the original starting value of chips anytime before the break                (approx. 2 hrs into the tournament) Unlimited Rebuys!


Non-monetary prizes will be awarded to the last 10 players remaining, with one grand prize for the overall winner.

SPONSORSHIP: Benefits for each level of Sponsorship here

                                 Title Sponsor: SOLD (Thank you Art's Tool Rental)

                             Table Sponsor: $500

                             1/2 Table Sponsor: $250

Texas Hold 'em participation